Our Priorities

Safe, secure, accessible, sustainable and competitive air travel is our goal. Together we work with government and industry stakeholders to make it happen.

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Advocating on behalf of Canada’s largest passenger airlines

The NACC seeks positive policy, regulatory and legislative changes to increase the aviation sector’s competitiveness.

We advocate for safe, accessible, environmentally responsible and competitive air travel by promoting the development of sound public policy and engaging with government and industry stakeholders. 

These are our priorities: 

Safe and Secure Air Travel

Nothing is more important than delivering our passengers safely to their destination. We are proud that Canada is recognized as a world leader in aviation safety and is home to one of the world’s safest air transportation systems. This achievement is the result of a proactive and comprehensive approach to safety adopted by all industry stakeholders.

Environmentally Responsible Air Travel

Canada’s airlines have a strong and genuine commitment to reducing the industry’s environmental footprint, including fuel efficiency improvement, emissions reduction, noise abatement, waste reduction, and best practices for aircraft de-icing activities.

Fostering Competitive Air Travel

Supporting and implementing an efficient operating and cost framework for Canada’s air carriers is essential to the economic well-being of our communities.